Islak Hacim Su Yalıtımı / We Area Waterproofing

For wet area waterproofing, Dekorizon offers state-of-the-art solutions with tiled waterproofing systems. It should be emphasized that while areas exposed to moisture are usually laid, a tile coating installed in wet areas does not in itself form a waterproof barrier. All wet areas in a building require waterproofing and moisture proofing. Joints in a tile coating should be considered water permeable.

The toilet, bathroom, balcony, terrace and kitchen used in the households we live in are considered as wet areas. In general, when doing bathroom remodels, the majority of the public tends to think of a few common things like tiles and paint over existing drywall or floorboards. While these will keep your replacement cost low, simply applying an additional layer over an existing one is not recommended as these surfaces are not always suitable for particularly humid conditions. What’s more, it can also lead to escalating problems down the line. If you’re in doubt about remodeling, here are a few signs that it’s time to renovate your bathroom.

It is best to repair your bathroom with an effective solution such as waterproofing. If you’re not sure exactly what it is, waterproofing is the process that makes a bathroom waterproof. This means that the walls are relatively unaffected by water or resist water penetrating under certain conditions. Other than making walls water resistant, there are many reasons and benefits attached to bathroom waterproofing.

Reasons to Make Wet Spaces Waterproof

1. Stops Leaking Problem;

It is imperative that the water finds the easiest and fastest route downwards. If your bathroom has a weak spot or has some cracks in the floor and walls, or if there are gaps in the sealant between your walls and your bathroom, water can start to leak easily..

This can also cause damp walls and ceilings; Even if water drops fall on the sockets, it can turn into a serious problem. Waterproofing in wet areas is the best solution to prevent these problems..

2. Prevents Moisture and Mold;

The leak is pretty obvious on the outside of your walls and floor, but underneath there are also many issues that you can’t see. If you’re renovating your bathroom, you may have removed the tiles to find moisture, plaster, or rotten-looking plywood. If you find any of these, you can be sure that it is in constant contact with water.

To prevent the reoccurrence of condensation and moisture, it can be helpful to install a waterproof barrier between these surfaces as well as the top layer such as tiles.

3. Provides insulation;

The benefits of waterproofing in wet areas are not limited to preventing leaks and damp formations. In fact, it also acts as a great insulator. If the exterior walls of the facility are attached to your bathroom, you know how cold these walls are, especially during the winter months. This means it requires a good thermal unit to keep your bathroom warm. However, this can cost you much more in the long run.

On the other hand, opting for waterproofing will help keep your bathroom warm and even help reduce your energy bills!

4. Creates Different Bathroom Options;

You get options to add more designer touches to your bathroom when building a wall with waterproof boards. Today’s styles such as wall-hung toilet and concealed cistern, wall-hung closet and handy corners to place your essentials are getting very good at handling. You can even turn your bathroom into a wet room with a very contemporary open shower.

Considering these additions will not only give you the luxury and comfort you desire, but will also add to the style by making your bathroom more interesting.

5. Increases Your Property Value;

These are all interconnected. As mentioned above, choosing the right bathroom waterproofing will help you immerse yourself in today’s variety of possibilities and styles. It is ready to refresh your bathroom space by replacing old fixtures and essentials with new ones, giving it a brand new and refreshing look. When a property is discovered, one of the things people tend to focus on, aside from the general condition, is the condition of the bathrooms.

When you already have a stunning bathroom, you are more likely to break an attractive offer as it will directly increase your property value.

In conclusion;

Are these 5 reasons not convincing enough for you to waterproof bathrooms and wet areas? Save time, effort and money by focusing on some essential yet cost-effective solutions to maintain the condition of your property.