Şeffaf su yalıtımı

Transparent waterproofing, tiles, ceramics, concrete, etc. It is a waterproofing product used for surfaces. It is applied easily and quickly. It allows water leaks to be stopped on already laid balconies or terraces without removing existing tiles or floors.

It forms a seamless layer that is used for waterproofing surfaces such as tiles, ceramics, travertine, marble, granite and glass, providing transparent waterproofing after drying (does not disturb the natural structure). Provides 100% waterproofing after application. It is not affected by the harmful UV rays of the sun and adverse weather conditions. It is resistant to abrasion, not affected by foot traffic. Balcony, terrace, wc, bathroom etc. It is easily applied without damaging the natural structure of tiles or ceramics or granites in the solution of water leaks in areas. Its application is practical and easy.

It is one of our transparent waterproofing solutions to protect the natural appearance, historical appearance and special appearance of your buildings from the negative effects of nature.

Usage areas

It can be easily applied on terrace, balcony, wc, bathroom, shower cabin, pool, marble, ceramic, granite, travertine, stone coating, glass, mosaic, land coatings.