Kendiliğinden Yayılan Epoksi Zemin / Self Leveling Epoxy Floors

Self leveling epoxy floors, as the name suggests, are actually a special type of epoxy resin that can level itself, essentially self-healing the floor. Self leveling epoxy flooring is applied to your existing concrete floor, and as the epoxy spreads, it fills in any cracks or chips in your concrete floor, leaving a flat surface with no signs of damage or wear.

Self leveling epoxy flooring creates a perfectly smooth and flat surface. It creates a perfectly smooth floor when applied to the floor with a roller by spreading itself. This is the best self leveling concrete made for the home and work surface. It gives a better appearance than other epoxy coatings. This type of epoxy coating needs an expert to do it because it dries fast and should be applied evenly.

Businesses demand the safest and smoothest possible surfaces to achieve the best results for both staff at work and guests or customers passing through the facility. You may choose to install a commercial concrete pavement for a hotel, airport hangar, warehouse or vehicle showroom. It is important to provide a surface that is smooth, seamless and resistant to a wide variety of damage.

Advantages of Self Leveling Epoxy Floor Coatings

The biggest advantage of self leveling epoxy floors is that they are smooth. Industries that rely on smooth floors for safety will often opt for this coating service, as self leveling epoxy helps provide an ideally flat surface over large areas. Compared to applying with epoxy tools (which can be left behind a textured pattern), self leveling options offer a perfectly flat surface. While it’s great for aesthetics, it also helps you maintain equal strength and consistency across your entire floor system.

There are many incredible benefits to having self leveling epoxy floors in your facility. The most obvious one looks great. Self leveling epoxy floor coatings provide a beautiful, glossy finish that comes in a wide variety of colors and effects to brighten your facility or business and add an added sense of style. Any damage to the concrete floor will disappear under the pavement.

Self leveling epoxy floor coatings can take non-slip additives. This is a great feature in production facilities or warehouses where wet ground can pose a major safety hazard and serious liability issues. You’ll also find that self leveling epoxy flooring is resistant to impact damage, scuffing, scratches, chemical damage, and heat damage. On top of all that, it has no odor when dry and is easy to keep clean.

Additionally, a smooth, coated surface is much easier to clean. Therefore, if you are trying to protect a food or pharmaceutical facility where sanitation is a top priority, these coated self leveling floors will help the cleaning department keep the floors sanitary for the product manufacturing process.

Almost all industries with facilities that include concrete floors can benefit from self leveling epoxy floor coatings. Self leveling epoxy flooring is used in a wide variety of businesses, from retail stores to showrooms and warehouses.

Tesisinizin mutfak veya banyo gibi alanlarını güzelleştirmek için kendiliğinden yayılan epoksi zemin kaplamaları kullanabilirsiniz. Ek güvenlik, güzellik ve dayanıklılık, hayatınızdaki her kat için istediğiniz niteliklerdir.

  • Odorless, suitable for interior applications.
  • It is resistant to thermal shock.
  • Ideal for smoothing and reinforcing concrete surfaces.
  • It can withstand heavy impact.
  • It is bacteria and moisture resistant and easy to clean.
  • Thanks to its good adhesion feature, it provides the opportunity to be applied to a wide variety of surfaces.
  • It creates a glossy surface, is stain resistant and is extremely easy to clean.
  • They are non-slip surfaces even when wet.
  • It is impact, scratch and abrasion resistant.
  • It is a high gloss coating with a very aesthetically pleasing surface.
  • It is resistant to damage from heat and chemicals.
  • A wide variety of color and effect options are available.
  • It can be installed in different thicknesses, so it is suitable even for significantly damaged concrete.

Scope of application

Self leveling epoxy floor coatings can be used in a number of applications, including commercial, industrial and residential applications. Self leveling epoxy floor coatings are preferred for a wide variety of industries and buildings, including:

  • Production facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Our stores
  • Commercial Garages
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Hospitals
  • Aircraft Hangars
  • Athletic FlooringNasıl Yapılır

Special rollers are used when installing a self leveling epoxy floor and are designed to apply the product evenly. Once applied, the floor is left to cure to become a durable and smooth service. Depending on weather and temperature conditions, you can generally expect to be able to use the new floor the day after installation. Depending on your aesthetic preferences, you can choose from any number of different colors and effects. Aggregate can be added to the compound to provide more slip resistance or to give the floor some sparkle. You can even use different colors to designate different workspaces, the options are pretty endless.